Celebrating Our 28th Year Of Publishing

It is the 28th Anniversary for The Country Register. We remember the very first issue, born in Arizona. It was very small, a little shy on advertisers and very shy on articles. Color was not widely used in publishing and in our case, not used at all. It was back in the days when you cut and waxed each item in the paper onto a "flat" to send to the printer. A flat was a large card stock layout sheet with blue lines for keeping things lined up. The printer than took a picture of that image. That was the way of publishing in 1988. Since then many things have changed in the way a newspaper is produced. We have loved every minute of it and look forward to years to come.

Country Register Publishers

There has been a few changes in publishers in the past year. Harriet Ramos took on the Ontario, Canada Country Register and if you check it out online you can see that she has brought an abundance of energy with her. She is driven to make The Country Register known all over that Province. The New Mexico edition by Jan Keller was combined with her Colorado edition making this your handy guide to both states. Alabama was taken on by seasoned publishers Dave and Amy Carter who do a lot of Country Registers in the eastern part of the states along with Florida. Not published yet but in the making is a new publisher, Carrie Marsh for the state of Utah. 

There is still opportunity in a very few areas. Check our publisher's list either online or in one of our many publications across the country and see if there are any states that aren't represented by a publisher. If you see an opportunity and are ready to take the next step in owning your own business, please contact Barbara Floyd at 602-321-6511 or email info@countryregister.com.

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Shared Stories In Each Edition Of The Country Register


Each edition of The Country Register has feature stories, patterns, recipes and all the things we refer to as press releases or "filler". Nearly 28 years of working as a group the publishers have collected a large and varied number of writers and contributors on various topics related to our advertisers and focus.The recipes continue to remain a favorite and one writer that many publishers have used steadily is Lydia Harris who writes "A Cup of Tea With Lydia". Her columns come with pictures to prove that tea time is still a very cherished tradition and Lydia writes a "tea-riffic" column without fail every two months. She is the author of Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting and you can learn more at www.preparingmyheart.net

 The quilting industry is very prolific with writers all over the country and another thing that is prolific are the numbers of quilters who are our readers. You are all much appreciated. 
Each publisher chooses their own filler which best applies to their areas and their readership. You can check out the majority of the papers on-line by going to our publishers page and clicking on the state or province to see current and past issues.