General Directions

Cutting the Strips & Pieces
Pre-wash and press fabrics. Using rotary cutter, see-through ruler, and cutting mat, cut the following strips and pieces for the project. If indicated, some strips will be cut again into smaller strips or pieces. The approximate width of the fabric is 42". Measurements for all pieces include 1/4"-wide seam allowance, unless otherwise indicated. Press in direction of arrows.

Quick Corner Triangles
Quick corner triangles are formed by simply sewing fabric squares to other squares or rectangles. The directions and diagrams with each project illustrate what size pieces to use and where to place square on corresponding piece. Follow steps 1-3 below to make quick-corner triangle units.

  • With pencil and ruler, draw diagonal line on wrong side of fabric square that will form the triangle. See Diagram A. This will be your sewing line.
  • With right sides together, place square on corresponding piece. Matching raw edges, pin in place and sew ON drawn line.
  • Press seam in direction of arrow as shown in step-by-step project diagram. Trim off excess fabric leaving 1/4" seam allowance as shown in Diagram B. Measure completed corner triangle unit to ensure greatest accuracy.


Layering the Quilt

  • Cut backing and batting 4" to 8" larger than quilt top.
  • Lay pressed backing on bottom (right side down), batting in middle, and pressed quilt top on top. Make sure everything is centered and that backing and batting are flat. Backing and batting will extend beyond quilt top.


Binding the Quilt

  • Trim batting and backing to 1/4" beyond raw edge of quilt top. This will add fullness to binding.
  • Fold and press binding strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.
  • Lay binding strips on top and bottom edges of quilt top with raw edges of binding and quilt top aligned. Sew through all layers, 1/4" from quilt edge. Press binding away from quilt top. Trim excess length of binding
  • Sew remaining binding strips to quilt sides through all layers, including binding just added. Press and trim excess length. Folding top and bottom first, fold binding around to back, then repeat with sides. Press and pin in position. Hand stitch binding in place.


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