Home Is Where Your Heart Is

"Home Is Where Your Heart Is" has become a common saying. Home means something different to each individual but just seeing the word "home" standing alone and spelled out refreshes what a powerful word it is. It is a word that The Country Register puts a strong emphasis on. It tugs at our heartstrings. For most we hope it brings good, warm and wonderful thoughts. For homemakers we hope we inspire you to keep on making your home where your heart is.

With words being so popular in current decor items, this word can stand alone. You might find it in a shop painted on wood blocks, or in a saying or on a wall hanging. That and many other words are produced in and on a lot of different products. Words that stick right on the wall can be custom ordered or often times pre-made sayings are available. Don't you love all the wood signs, filled with words? Of course there are t-shirts, mugs, aprons, bags, and endless items with words embellishing them. So, if you hadn't really taken note of all the "word" decor this might make you aware and soon you too will want some well chosen words in your decorating scheme.

We hope The Country Register brings some new shopping inspiration to you, some recipes to try, some new projects to engage in and some good reading into your home.

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