A Country Register Cover Story...

Each Country Register publisher selects front cover art to fit their readership, their subject matter, or to showcase a local or national artist. The seasons play a big part in the art selection as well. Shown here are just a few of many great samples.

Pictured on the far left is the front cover from Arizona from their June-July, 2017 issue which depicts the many Vintage shops, Vintage Events and current Vintage Trailer craze, not just in Arizona but pretty much across the country.

Next in this line up following the summer issue pictured already is from the Nebraska Country Register during their Sept-Oct 2017 time period.

The winter season is always fun represented by a snowman and that is just what The Country Register of Washington-Oregon-S. Idaho did on their December-January 2017-2018 issue.

Last but not least is a cover that represents the quilting industry that is such a big part of The Country Register newspapers. This cover from the Southeast part of the USA, South and North Carolina in March-April, 2018 represents just a tiny bit of the needlework, quilting and sewing industry. Many times beautiful quilt art decorates the front cover of various of The Country Register.

This gives you art from the state where this all started nearly 30 years ago in Arizona and so we have The Southwest, the Northwest, the Midwest and the Southeast covered here but know that in-between all of these areas are wonderful front covers on many other states. Just go to the publishers site and see the complete and updated listings. Click on most states and provinces listed to see current issues and see the beautiful art work on more Country Registers. You will discover specialty shops and events all across the USA and Canada.

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