Current Advertising Rates

Ad Size                       Rate         Color Rate (additional charge)
5x2 Display Ad $80 $15
5x3 Display Ad $110 $15
5x4 Display Ad $140 $15
5x5 Display Ad $150 $25
Quarter Page $190 $35
Half Page $310 $50
Full Page $525 $75

Current Print Deadlines (If you missed the deadline, just give us a call! We may still be able to get you in!)

January/February December 1st
March/April February 1st
May/June April 1st
July/August June 1st
September/October August 1st
November/December October 1st

Advertising Specifications

Electronic files must be provided in one of the following file types:
  1. JPG 
  2. PDF 
  3. TIFF
Filenames need the proper three letter extension at the end of the name: For example: if your file is named "Ad" and is saved as a PDF file, your final file name should be "Ad.pdf" (this example applies to .tif,  .jpg, .bmp, etc...) Files should be saved at 300dpi.
Files that will be printed in color should be saved in the CMYK color mode (not RGB). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the compatibility of your file, please call us at 763-754-1661 or e-mail us.