The Arizona Country Register

The Country Register of Arizona is published every two months. Each issue contains a large variety of feature stories, press releases and items of interest. In addition, we "theme" each issue and give special attention to the theme in the way of extra articles and often the art work on the front cover.

The themes rotate on a yearly basis with our February-March issue being our Annual Quilting and Needlework issue. This coincides with the big quilt show held in Phoenix each spring.

Another well loved theme is our Annual Tea and Food Issue in April-May. Tea time fits in very well for Mother's Day also.

Our June-July issue is about Classes, Projects and other Summer Time Fun. It is the time of year our readers head to the mountains and enjoy knowing about places to vist and things to do outside of their area. They also like ideas for projects to do while the Arizona sun keeps them indoors during the heat of the day.

August-September we focus on Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles. In Arizona we have a sister publication, The Antique Register, which is printed on alternate months of The Country Register. Most every antique and collectible shop in Arizona advertises in it and a good number of them advertise in The Country Register as well.

October-November is the biggest issue of the year and focuses on special fall and winter events, arts and craft shows and crafters. The Country Register is designed to find crafters to participate in these events as well as those who attend as a customer.

In our Annual holiday issue in November-December we bring attention to the wonderful gift shops and holiday fun.

This year marked the 25th year Anniversary of The Country Register of Arizona promoting the best local business, shops and events. 

We hope you enjoy each issue and pick up an extra to share with a friend, a neighbor, or relative. Subscriptions are a nice gift to someone who cannot get out and about to pick up a paper at one of the advertisers.